Scents of Bougie Napa

Aphrodisiac - Stimulating, sexy, and mysterious – like a first date – excited for the unknown.  Mouthwatering grapefruit, lemon, and green leaf tomato, soft jasmine and lily, herbaceous eucalyptus, blended with lavender cedar, cinnamon and vanilla.

Big Fig - Mouthwatering, luscious green fig punctuated with perfumy cardamom, spicy rosemary, and grounded cedar wood amber.

BRIX - The scent of ripening fruit releasing the sweet sugar of the grapevine – with hints of citrusy bergamot, bright chardonnay, and the amber oak of an aged barrel.

Bogart - A purifying, aromatic blend of fragrance oils; clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary.  Softened with lavender and warmed with frankincense and myrrh. A tribute to the legend of the “thieves,” who survived robbing graves during the plague. Your immune system will thank you!

Caramel Latte - Smells even better than it sounds - burnt wood & oriental spice, espresso beans, caramel tobacco.  I’ll take a Grande! (Seasonal)

Cashmere - Wrap yourself in a powdery soft hug with a hint of lavender and vanilla.  Warmed with a hint of pipe tobacco and patchouli.

Clean - The clean smell of fresh laundry with its citrusy fresh uplifting scent, soothing nervous tension and relieving any sadness while boosting the immune system with rosemary, warm & woody spruce, and the grounding of cedarwood and neroli.

Citrus Chiffon - Citrus lovers will be pleasantly surprised! Lemon, grapefruit, and sweet orange – invigorating, juicy, and ripe, yet smooth as silk pie with cypress, vetiver and French vanilla.  Yum!

FARM - All the good smells of a working farm – sweet orange blossom, lavender, and rosemary – bundled in a bale of fertile soil and fields of wild grasses.

Flower Shop - A soft floral blend of fresh cut flowers reminding you of a visit to your local florist, intermingled with mandarin green, petals & herbs, and vanilla.

Hangover - Lessening the effects of a hangover - lime and cilantro to clear your mind and invigorate, spearmint to calm an upset tummy, balanced with the relaxing effects of lavender and the grounding of cedar wood.

Harvest - Fall memories of ripe fruit, fallen leaves, and hanging around the fire drinking hot apple cider.  Earthy yet provocative.  (Seasonal)

HIM - The smell of a clean man – warm, sexy, sophisticated. A blend of anise and clove enveloped in the embrace of cedar leather, vanilla tobacco, sandalwood, and a touch of patchouli.

HER - Floral and feminine, sexy, and warm.  Fresh citrus with spicy clove, blooming jasmine, lily of the valley, with the added sexiness of sandalwood and patchouli.

Lavender Dreams - Relax in a bubble bath or read a good book in bed as you immerse in the scent of blooming lavender fields, calming chamomile, grounding cedar, warm vanilla, and cleansing lemon.

Night Bloom - Warm summer nights filled with the scent of blooming jasmine and magnolia, enveloped in a blend of sandalwood and green tea.

Noel - A winter holiday farm house nestled deep in the woods, smoke from a burning fire, and all things “hot toddy” including wassail, cinnamon, and clove. (Seasonal)

Non-Scents - When no scent is desired, this is the perfect candlelight for any room.  Particularly good on a dining table when no fragrance is wanted but the beauty of a clean burning candle. 

Olive - Bright, fresh and green, with herbaceous rosemary, lemon, olive blossom, spicy black pepper, and grounding cedar wood.  Perfect as you relax with your evening martini.

Pick Me Up - A fresh brewed cup of coffee – uplifting, warm, and inviting, combined with the woody, mossy, herbaceousness of fine pipe tobacco, sweetened with creamy vanilla and a touch of bright, joyful lemon.

PIE - Just like it sounds - apple, pumpkin, spice, warmed with sweet orange, black pepper and an Autumn breeze.  (Seasonal)

Poppy - If cheerful California Poppies had a smell, this would be it. Cherry, pomegranate, orange, cinnamon, cardamon and vanilla, grounded with coriander and petals & herbs.

Reflection - Reflect on your day as you breathe with deep the sweetly relaxing calm of lavender and bergamot while feeling uplifted with fresh lemon, orange blossom and rosemary.  Followed by a reduction of tension and worry in the spa scents of eucalyptus, cypress, and cedar wood.

Spring Bud - A happy scent bringing to mind an early evening stroll in the new spring with the bloom of orange blossoms and sweet floral geranium, a hint of rose, and the relaxing, calming, and grounded smell of cedar wood.

Spruce - A sleigh ride through a perfect winter forest.  Northern Spruce, holiday Pine, and Fir trees softened with green herbs and woody balsam.  (Seasonal)

Summer Vacay - A tropical paradise reminiscent of an island vacation.  Ripe pineapple, blooming tuberose & frangipani, with creamy coconut, vanilla, sun and sand. Aloha!

THEM - The perfect blend of HER and HIM - a gender-neutral fragrance warmed with a hint of rose patchouli.

White Rose - A big beautiful bouquet, subtle and soft, with a blend of rose, tuberose, greenery and cedar wood amber.

Wine Cellar - Like a fine Cabernet, embracing the woody damp earth, fermenting grapes, and amber oak evoking memories of a Napa Valley wine cave.

World Peace - A breath of fresh air in a time of chaos.  Breathe in deep the scent of nature, harmony, and the classical elements of Earth - ocean, orange blossom/bamboo/beechwood, oud, frankincense & myrrh, lavender, cypress/grass/rain.