What kind of wax is used in your candles?

Bougie Napa uses a blend of Coconut/Apricot wax. 

Why don't you use Soy wax?

We actually started out using Soy wax.  However the more research we performed, we formed the opinion that Soy wax wasn't as sustainable as we once believed.  It is also distributed by the Cargill Company.  Identified as one of the top ten worst companies by Mother Earth, July 2019.

Is there Paraffin in your candles?

After many inquiries to the wax distributors we had a very hard time identifying exactly what is, or is not, in the wax they sell.  We have learned that the wax we use does have a small amount (2%) of food grade Paraffin.  This is the same grade that is used to coat certain vegetables.

How often should I trim my candle's wick?

You should trim your wick prior to each use of your candle.  It is normal for a wick to develop a small ball of carbon on the top of the wick which can affect the performance of the candle. It prevents excess soot and prevent shortening the candles burn time. it also gives the flame a nice glow and shape.

Can I reuse the candle vessel?

YES!  We purposely created a label that was not only heat resistant, but also "easy peel" which leaves little, if any residue on the vessel.  Our goal is to get as many uses out of your vessel as possible.  You can put some sand in the bottom and place a small votive in. Or you can use them as a holder for bathroom articles, make up, drinking glasses, pen holder etc.  Being creative helps to keep them out of the landfill.  Our return/recycle/re-use program is up and running!  We happily accept the return of most of our vessels in exchange for $2.00 off your next purchase! We will then sterilize and reuse the vessel!