About our candles

Our goal at Bougie Napa is to make luxury candles at affordable prices for everyday burning. So what does "luxury" mean, you ask?  Well, to us that means a beautiful, vegan, creamy, Paraben & pthalate free, clean burning wax in a gorgeous, reusable vessel that has an out of this world fragrance!  We chose coconut apricot cream wax not only for all of the characteristics previously mentioned, but also for its sustainability, and its ability to profuse scent. This wax does contain a small amount of food grade paraffin (roughly 2%), the same that you would find on vegetables or candy at the grocery store. In a world where we do the best we can, we felt this wax matched our morals and ethics the best and we will continue to keep our eyes and ears open in case a new, even more ethical wax makes an appearance. 

Our fragrance oils and essential oils are purchased from reputable companies who make premium grade oils in the USA, vegan/cruelty free, and pthalate free. 

We encourage you to repurpose your vessel once you have burned your candle all the way down. We designed our labels to be easy to peel off, then simply place the vessel upside down in a foil lined casserole dish and place in a 170-degree oven until all remaining wax has melted. Gently lift the vessel up and wipe clean with a paper towel, prying loose the attached wick. Then soak and wash with warm soap and water, peel off the safety label on the bottom and voila!  Now you are only limited to your imagination; flower vase, pen holder, make-up brush holder, high ball glass (collect a dozen!), or add a bit of sand and place a votive candle in the middle!