Charity of the Month February 2022

Feel good about your purchase from Bougie Napa knowing that a portion from each sale goes to a charitable need.  For the month of February 2022, our chosen charity is for Big Mama's Yacht Club in Pangaimotu, Tonga.  Having sailed the world for 5 years on our own boat, we were able to visit unique places such as Pangaimotu and our hearts have been deeply touched by the pain and suffering from this horrible event. The tsunami from last month has quite literally wiped them off the map.  "The owners and staff were given no notice to head to high ground.  They climbed trees and rooftops to escape the rage of water that swept through the island.  They regrouped and spent the night in darkness in the trees.  The next day they were rescued and are now looking to rebuild what they can."  The island as it was will never be again, but their determination to provide for their family a place of work and a home to live in drives them on to once again make Pangaimotu Island a place for the world to enjoy.